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London Lops is a family run business in London, England. All our rabbits receive a great deal of attention so that they become friendly and used to human handling. When possible we enter rabbits into shows, achieving good results ranging from 1st to 3rd prizes.

We have 18 years experience specifically with the Dwarf lop, which makes an ideal pet for children thanks to their manageable size and because they like to be pampered, and cuddled - the more love you give them, the more they will reward you.

Rabbits make ideal pets for children (with parental supervision) because they are easy to look after and food is relatively inexpensive. All our rabbits are loved and we would like to stress that if for any reason our customers can no longer care for the bunny, we always take it back.

We specialize in breeding Dutch, Dwarf, Lion Head and Mini lops for the following reasons:

Dutch Rabbits are small and friendly. Their colours are varied, have distinct markings, and are an excellent pet choice for children and adults. The weight is around 4 to 5 pounds which therefore makes handling quite easy. They are known for having good personality and because of their size it is relatively easy to house the bunny indoors. Dutch have an inquisitive nature and love to investigate their surroundings, entertaining their owners by following them around for long periods.

Weight is around 4 to 5 pounds and again, like dutch, makes handling easy. Their temperament is well know for being relaxed, making a popular pet for children. Their appearance is cute with chubby bodies and they enjoy all the cuddles. Various colours include Harlequin, black & white butterfly, chocolate, orange butterfly, black and white.

Weight is around 3 to 4 pounds. Mini's are cute and like to be handled by their owners. Various colours include white, black, blue and orange.

These unusual looking bunnies weigh around 3lbs, have a well rounded body with a bold head and well developed muzzle. Their legs are medium in length and a little chubby. Their ears are around 3 inches and they have a mane between 2-3 inches in length, forming a full circle around the head with longer hair on the cheeks and chest.

We hope you enjoy looking at our Website and if you would like further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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